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Sports Attack Customers

University of Georgia

Marist High School

Pittsburgh Pirates

San Francisco Giants


University of Louisiana

University of Florida

University of Tennessee

University of California, Berkeley

El Dorado County Club

John Yandell Tennis School

Kingsburg High School

Rio Del Oro Racket Club

City Beach Volleyball Club

Irvine Valley College

Palos Verdes High School

Stanford University

Blair Academy

University of Arizona

Green Bay Packers

University of Nebraska


The best baseball machine on the market - Joe Maddon

Sports Attack – Sports Training Equipment

Over 40 Years of Training Machine Design Experience

Sports Attack is the leading manufacturer of professional sports training equipment for baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis and football. Our pitching and serving machines are used by the top institutional and professional programs in the U.S. and around the world.

Our BASEBALL Hack Attack Pitching Machines and SOFTBALL Hack Attack Pitching Machines feature our unique three-wheel design and are the most versatile, full-vision machines available. Our Attack VOLLEYBALL Serving Machines deliver complete ball control, spin, speed and trajectory for precise repetition training. Our TENNIS Ace Attack Machine provides realistic, repetitive practice against any shot or serve in the game. Our NEW FOOTBALL Snap Attack Machine will snap, pass and kick the ball to maximize your practice time.


The Official Pitching Machine of the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association.





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Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Hack Attack Softball Pitching Machine AttackII Volleyball Machine Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Snap Attack Football Machine Junior Hack Attack Softball Pitching Machine Skill Attack Volleyball Machine Tennis Machine Attack Volleyball Machine e-Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

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