Amanda Pratt, President and founding partner

Amanda Pratt, President and founding partner

Sports Attack – Who We Are

How We Sell

Sports Attack manufactures and sells both direct and through many sporting goods dealers across the country as well as several international distributors. See list Our patent-protected machines are used at all levels, from youth leagues and club programs to universities and professional teams around the world.

Corporate History

Sports Attack was founded 1995 in Reno, NV. To say that we are manufacturers of quality sports training equipment just seems to not capture

Doug Boehner, Vice President of Manufacturing & Engineering and founding partner

the essence of who we are. We do not just design our products; we explore, scrutinize, analyze and engineer our products. We do not just manufacture or assemble our equipment; we build each one from the ground up, by hand, the old fashioned way. And all of it, every part, every wheel, every motor, every element of every machine is made in the United States.

We view our suppliers through the lens of our mission statement, as a critical part of the design and development of our equipment. After fabrication and prior to shipment the equipment is tested thoroughly, every aspect of every unit. This insures the product reliability on which our brand is built. Our process represents who we are; distinctive and exclusive design, detailed and quality manufacturing, resulting in innovative, effective training equipment.

While the company was founded in 1995, our design and manufacturing folks pre-date the first wheel machines in the baseball industry, over 40 years ago. There have been a lot of changes over the course of these years but none greater than the introduction of the third wheel to the traditional pitching machine, finally achieving the unobstructed vision and the resulting timing so critical to hitting.

Kurt Brenner, Vice President of Sales & Operations and founding partner

Kurt Brenner, Vice President of Sales & Operations and founding partner

Our corporate integrity is a critical asset and we are committed to upholding it worldwide. We set high standards and we abide by them as we practice business fairly and behave ethically. We wholeheartedly believe in, enthusiastically embrace and relentlessly pursue our company’s mission.

Our Mission Statement

Sports Attack will be the leader in innovative, quality sports training equipment that will enable athletes at all levels to reach their full potential and coaches to develop championship teams.

For more information about Sports Attack, please download our Corporate Brochure (pdf). For more information on our products, please download our Product Brochure (pdf).

Rita Boehner - Founding partner

Rita Boehner, founding partner