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Sports Attack Introduces the NEW e-Hack Attack Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Same Quality and Features as the Hack Attack with Electronic Controls

  • The Baseball e-Hack Attack is our new Programmable pitching machine! In seconds you will be able to dial in any change in speed, location and pitch type to deliver any fastball, right or left hand breaking pitch, sliders or change-ups.
  • Pitches can be set in any sequence, weighted or random, to allow a hitter to work on weaknesses or to prepare for an upcoming pitcher.
  • With the complete vision and timing of the Hack Attack (ball will not be coming out of a black box), this unit will provide the most realistic batting practice possibleā€¦it will truly be "just like a live pitcher"
  • The e-Hack Attack can be hand fed or can be used with our 150 ball feeder or Solo Feeder. (Both pitching machine and regular balls can be used)

e-Hack Attack is here!


56" W x 70" D x 62" H with a 53" Release Height


150 lbs.